Drunk man threatened to kill ex-partner

By Cambrian News reporter in Law

A PENRHYNCOCH man was drunk when he sent his former partner a message saying he would kill her, a court heard.

Michael Andrew Putt, 41, of Glan Seilo, pleaded guilty to sending an offensive message through a public communication network after Ann Marie Evans called police after she received the message through Facebook on 29 November.

Prosecutor Helen Tench said Ms Evans told police that she had first received a garbled message and responded to tell Putt that he wasn’t making sense.

Putt though then sent another message which said he would kill Ms Evans, before she asked if he was drinking again and whether he had meant to say he’d kill her.

Ms Tench said Putt then said again he would kill her, but continued sending messages saying that he loved her, including a voice message which Ms Tench said sounded as though he was in a pub.

She said the relationship between the two had broken down because of Putt’s drinking and abusive behaviour, and that after the incident Ms Evans blocked Putt.

After he was arrested, Putt said he “may have said some things I didn’t mean” and admitted that he had been drinking when he sent the messages.

He said he had initially messaged Ms Evans thinking he could potentially win her back.

Putt, who represented himself in court, said that he had been drinking at the time and had not intended to send Ms Evans a threat and would never have carried out any threat.

Magistrates fined Putt £295 and ordered him to pay costs totalling £115.

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