Man ‘tried to return drug but was laughed at’

By Cambrian News reporter in Crime

AN Aberystwyth student was laughed at when he tried to return ecstasy he had bought to take to a dance music event, magistrates have heard.

Alex Edward Freeney, of 8 William Street, was arrested after police executing a search warrant at his home found ecstasy and cannabis.

Freeney pleaded guilty to possession of the two drugs found at his home on 12 October with prosecutor Helen Tench saying police had found 0.46 grams of ecstasy and just under five grams of cannabis.

Analysis showed that the drugs were ecstasy and cannabis.

In a police interview Freeney, 23, said that he had bought the ecstasy as he was due to go to a dance music event, but that when his ticket failed to arrive in time, he had taken the ecstasy back to try to get his money back.

But Ms Tench said he told police that he “was laughed at”.

She said that Freeney had told police that he used cannabis daily, but had refused to admit whether a substance found in a tobacco pouch was cannabis as he didn’t want to “incriminate” himself.

Representing himself, Freeney said he had only been in possession of a small amount of drugs and said that, while he accepted he would be punished, he said he did not agree his punishment should be severe.

He said: “I don’t find I’ve brought harm to anyone except myself. I don’t think I’ve brought myself or the area into disrepute.”

Freeney claimed that during the police search, a mirror had been smashed by officers, which he had to pay for, and he said, as a student, he had financial issues.

Freeney was given a conditional discharge for a year, but will pay costs totalling £125.

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