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I was disappointed to read a letter in the Cambrian News (15 December) attacking Mark Williams MP for voting against the government on the issue of Brexit.

I would remind the author of the letter that Ceredigion voted to remain in the EU and that, therefore, Mr Williams was quite rightly expressing the views of the majority of his constituents. The writer also attacked the other MPs who voted against the government, accusing them of voting “against democracy”. I would remind the writer that 48 per cent of those voting wished to remain in the EU - surely their views should be represented? A unanimous vote for the government’s policy would have suggested that the whole electorate endorses their view on Brexit, which is manifestly not the case.

Mr Williams is a hard-working MP, who does not deserve this criticism. Recently, I attended a meeting of the Commons Welsh Affairs Select Committee held in Aberystwyth; Mr Williams was there, along with MPs David Davies, Paul Flynn and Liz Saville Roberts.

All four impressed me with their dedication, their respect for the views of the public and each other, and their willingness to discuss matters openly and frankly with voters. It is easy to criticise politicians, but please bear in mind that most are there to work for the common good rather than personal gain.

Yours etc

Rolant J Ellis

Maes Laura


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