Shops' A-boards a hazard for visually impaired

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With reference to the article in the Cambrian News by Chris Betteley (On-street advertising is getting worse in town), I agree there are far too many on-street advertising signs in Aberystwyth. The ‘softly softly approach’ does not appear to be working.

The week after the clutter-free campaign leaflet was launched, the pavements of Aberystwyth were almost clear but now all these A-boards are creeping back.

Some businesses have more than one A-board. They vary in size from huge and heavy double-sided blackboards, which could seriously injure someone, to much smaller ones which create a tripping hazard.

Some of the boards are very close to tactile paving. Many visually impaired people rely on tactile paving to negotiate their way around town.

It would be good if the positive approach worked but I am afraid it does not. Guidelines must be adhered to. Pavement parking is another issue which is not enforced.

Yours etc,

Gillian Hopkins, chair of Aberystwyth & District Visually Impaired Club.

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