17-year-old stole food to provide for pregnant girlfriend

By Cambrian News reporter in Crime

A MAN who stole food from a university hall of residence in Lampeter was trying to provide for his pregnant girlfriend, his solicitor has said.

Red Swift Gayle, who is 18, but was 17 when he stole the food, pleaded guilty to the “opportunistic” burglary when he walked into the kitchen and stole £5 worth of food.

Rhian Jones, prosecuting, said a university security officer was contacted by a student who said items had been taken from the freezer.

The guard identified Gayle and police later checked CCTV footage, which showed Gayle entering the building then leaving.

After being arrested, Gayle admitted that he had entered the hall through a door which was propped open and had decided to take the food as a “spur of the moment decision”.

He said he had no money but wanted to be able to provide for his girlfriend.

Defence solicitor Stephen Welch said Gayle, who is currently homeless but hoped to have accommodation shortly, had been trying to do the right thing. He said: “He did the responsible thing really, but in the most irresponsible way and took some food. They were hungry and had no money.”

Gayle was given a conditional discharge for six months and will pay costs of £50 and compensation of £5.

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krystyna farrell · 224 days ago · Report

How did this get to court?...its an absolute outrage that this got to court. I understand students have little money but this is appalling. Lampeter University should be ashamed of itself...absolutely ashamed. It was £5 worth of food!

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