New windows and now toilets are closing!

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Why is it that people seem to lose their common sense when they become elected?Last summer the council fitted brand-new, double-glazed windows (worth approximately £4,000) to our public toilets in Llithfaen, but have recently announced that they are now going to close them in March 2017.

Presumably it will become another derelict building (with posh windows) like the closed toilets in Llanaelhaearn. Why not save money by getting criminals given community service to clean them?

Councillors always start talking about the shortage of low-cost housing just before election times. Why did they not use the money from the sale of council houses, to existing tenants, to build more council houses, instead of using the “windfall” on short-term pet projects?

The churches are no better! Many chapels built from the donations of villages years ago are now being sold off. Why is this money not being used to repair the remaining churches (like St Peter’s in Pwllheli which needs a new roof etc, mentioned in Cambrian news, 8 December), rather than for increasing the cash investment portfolios of the Church of Wales or England? The sale proceeds should belong to the community.

Plaid Cymru have been asking for more delegated powers from the Westminster government for years (they really want the right to put up taxes in Wales), and in the next breath they call for more Assembly Members to cope with the extra work load. They do not think where all the extra money will come from to pay for all these extra politicians. We can just look forward to the next round of above-inflation council tax increases. Plaid are lucky that they can just blame everything that is negative on the Westminster government.

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