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I read with interest your story about Ceredigion’s MP voting to block Brexit. His comments need to be taken to task.

Mark Williams is quoted as saying: “we rely heavily on structural funds from the EU to help some of the poorest communities in the country, our farmers rely on agricultural payments...”

It has been said many times before that the EU does not have any money. It is our taxpayers’ money and the EU manages to waste it in an astronomical way. Unfortunately the ‘Remainers’ prefer to ignore this waste of taxpayers’ money.

There was £1bn spent on airport infrastructure that was never used. Again, £1.5m was spent on a lift in Sicily but, with an operating cost of £75,000, the council refuses to use it. Then, £840m on an Egyptian “human rights programme”, but the Egyptian government has not published any figures of where the money was spent.

Also, £6.3m was spent, to help the “integration” of European peoples, on a real-life donkey to travel around Europe, “blogging” its experiences! These are a very tiny fraction of EU budgetary gross incompetence and waste.

The Common Agricultural Policy fares no better. This was originally meant to help small farmers but, like so many EU payments, goes to large and multinational companies.

As much as £11bn from the CAP is paid to big businesses and industry, not farmers. Millions of our taxpayers’ money goes to an Italian catering company serving luxury ships and airlines; a French chicken processor supplying fast food chains and a Spanish construction company.

Obviously, our MP is happy with this waste, or he would not have voted in the way he did. By leaving the EU we can spend our money as we wish and, if the government of the day doesn’t get it right, we can show them the door. We have no control whatsoever on how the EU spends our money.

Yours etc,

Chris Samuel, William Street, Aberystwyth.

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