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As an active member of the Catholic parish of Aberystwyth for 52 years I strongly resent this small group of people speaking on my behalf, but most strongly do I regret their depriving me of a church in which to worship.

Can I remind them that it was one of their group who has been to Rome on three occasions and on each occasion the answer from the Congregation Pro Clericis has been rejection.

As Catholics we are bound to obey the authority of Rome. If the bishop had won the lottery there is no way he could reopen the building in Queen’s Road as a church, as a consequence of their activities.

They have closed the church! They have also, as the result of numerous surveys and changes in planning, managed to spend all our money, a sum of £103,981.84, and are still wanting to spend more.

Yours etc,

M Gibbins, Heol Tyn y Fron, Penparcau, Aberystwyth.

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