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The astonishing attack reported in the Cambrian News, made by catholic bishop Tom Burns on Aberystwyth’s town clerk and on the town council it-self does not become the dignity of his office.

Everybody, it seems, is at fault other than the Swansea-based bishop himself. Even more inappropriate are the negative references the bishop makes to Prof Frank Hogg OBE, former principal of the Welsh College of Librarianship and a highly respected Aberystwyth catholic.

This is a man I have known for decades who is of the highest integrity. He is also someone who constantly advises moderation, caution and courtesy in any dispute and practices the same.

In an effort to help resolve concerns over the structural condition of St Winefride’s, Prof Hogg offered to fund the cost of an independent survey so that no cost would fall on the taxpayer. To cast doubt on the honesty of such man is totally unbecoming of a bishop and quite despicable.

Yours etc,

David Subacchi, Wrexham.

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