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There are so many reasons to disagree with your letter from Marc Perry, which exemplifies the attitude that seems to me to prevent Aberystwyth from prospering and thriving.

Yes, this is a tourist town, but not just a tourist town!

Think of the many people who live in and around Aberystwyth. Unlike the residents of Ambleside, who live within an hour of several large towns and cities where they can shop and visit many wonderful chains, we here have no convenient local shopping centres other than Aberystwyth itself.

Although Mr Perry may not like chain shops, very many people do and therefore I would suggest that the big chains would attract many visitors to the town, thus benefiting the many excellent independent shops by bringing in a lot more people. The most appealing towns have a good mixture of both types of business and I certainly use both. No way is this an ‘identikit town’!

It is beautiful and distinctive. The café quarter is a brilliant idea as it will breathe life back into that beautiful, old school building, which currently looks so sad and run-down.

I cannot help thinking that if the town looks appealing and caters to many types of visitor, as well as providing resources and jobs for locals, it will have a secure and prosperous future.

The constant sneering about any form of change (especially chains) will just kill this place.

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