Illegal dog breeder given four-year ban

By Caleb Spencer in Law

A CEREDIGION man has been given a nine-week suspended prison sentence and has been banned from keeping dogs for four years.

Richard Samuel Morgan Jones of Moelfre, Llanwnnen, had been found guilty at trial at Aberystwyth Justice Centre in in a prosecution brought by Ceredigion County Council of two counts of illegal dog breeding and 21 counts of causing unnecessary suffering to dogs, which left some animals in his care “close to death”.

It followed two raids by council and police officers at his Moelfre address and at a premises at Y Shed, Blaen Finnian, Creuddyn Bridge, near Lampeter in June last year.

The court heard that Jones, who had pleaded not guilty to the charges and denied any wrongdoing, did not have a licence for breeding at either address and, following a visit from officers, some of the dogs in his care were found “in complete darkness” with “advanced chronic skin conditions” with one young puppy so thin that it was “close to death”.

The disqualification has been suspended for 21 days in order to allow time for the dogs to be taken into the care of the Dogs Trust.

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Gloria Underfoot · 13 days ago · Report

I wonder if the Inland Revenue knows about this pond life??

Naomi Black · 140 days ago · Report

Can this not get on TV coverage ? That should prompt an acceptable explanation surely.

Lynda robertson · 146 days ago · Report

When will this country sit up and give these evil people life bans plus prison . Evil scum

Delyth · 148 days ago · Report

That is disgusting a four year ban he should be hung drawn and quartered the Prick as he is !!!!!!

Natalia Di Pietro · 148 days ago · Report

Can't have dogs for only 4 years!!!! Justice system needs urgently revising!

Joy Skinner · 149 days ago · Report

And what are Ceredigion council doing to seize the remaining dogs? Nothing, despite a huge on line petition and direct emails letters. Corrupt? Lazy? Incompetent, Uncaring or all of the above. Perhaps they need reminding who pays their salaries. Cannot the local press put some pressure on to shame these people?

Jackie Sisley · 155 days ago · Report

So he walks free! After subjecting animals in his care to years of abuse he walks! I'm so angry at our pathetic justice system words fail me. Disgusting. He should have been banned for life and given a 5 year prison sentence preferably with hard labour.

Sue · 162 days ago · Report

Is that it??????

Owain · 164 days ago · Report

What good is 4 years? Should be banned for life!

Julia Crabtree · 164 days ago · Report

Sentence not severe enough for this person, he should be made to scrub pavements and was down lamp posts as a punishment - in my humble opinion!

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