Children at risk of going blind due to dog mess

By Caleb Spencer in Environment

CHILDREN in Bow Street are at risk of being blinded for life unless dog owners pick up after their pets, a local councillor has warned.

Cllr Paul Hinge issued the stark warning this week after claiming three public green areas in the village continue to suffer with dog fouling problems despite several pleas to residents over the years.

“During the time that PACT meetings have been running, and at community council meetings, the spectre of dog poo in green public spaces is brought up,” said Cllr Hinge.

“In Bow Street we have three public spaces – Cae Piod in Rhydypennau, Cae Col in Tregerddan, and the new play park by Bryncastell estate – which suffer from dogs defecating in those green spaces and their owners not picking the faeces up and disposing of it correctly.

“We also have a number of dog walkers using the lovely lanes around Bow Street who pick up their dog’s poo and throw it over the hedge into a farmer’s field, which is not only unhygienic, but it too can pass on disease.”

A dog owner himself, Cllr Hinge called on fellow dog owners to pick up after their four-legged friends to prevent people, particularly children who play on the public spaces, contracting Toxocariasis, a rare parasitic infection spread through contact with dog faeces.

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