Police take to the streets with body-mounted cameras

By Chris Betteley in Crime

ABERYSTWYTH police officers have taken to the streets with body video cameras for the first time.

Officers across Dyfed-Powys are now wearing the Body Worn Video (BWV), including PC Charlie Osborne­ of Aberystwyth Police Station who wore his on shift around town last week.

The footage from the cameras will provide visual and audio evidence for use at court, meaning offenders are more likely to plead guilty and can be brought to justice faster.

Police said the cameras will improve the process of investigating complaints against officers and make them more accountable to the public. Officers will only record if there is a policing need and it is proportionate to do so.

BWV cameras will be clearly visible, worn attached to the officer’s uniform – usually on the chest.

The camera is always on but will only begin recording once the officer presses ‘record’.

When in ‘standby’ mode the cameras will record a rolling 30-second loop of film, there is no audio until the recording begins.

Officers will announce when they begin and end filming.

When recording, the camera makes a regular loud beep and displays a solid red circle in the centre.

PC Osborne told the Cambrian News: “Having personally witnessed, during the trial of these cameras in 2015, the footage securing a conviction at court, I am very much looking forward to using BodyCam on the streets once again.

“A fantastic piece of kit.”

Chief Constable Mark Collins said the introduction of the cameras is “a significant move forward for policing”.

See this week’s south editions for the full story, in shops and online on Wednesday

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A.Davis · 130 days ago · Report

Very convenient for the police that it only records when THEY decide.No safeguards for the alleged offender or indeed anyone else involved with a rogue officer,and we all know they certainly exist.

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