Serial killer on loose in Aberystwyth in new paranormal thriller

By Chris Betteley in Arts

AFTER three years of criminals and murderers at large in Aberystwyth in the global hit television series Hinterland, now a serial killer is set loose in the town in a new novel, Dead in Time by Terence Bailey.

For many years, Terence was a lecturer in script-writing at Aberystwyth University. He has used his knowledge of the town to ground his crime story in reality.

Dead in Time is what’s known as a paranormal thriller,” Terence said.

“Its hero, Dr Sara Jones, hunts a serial killer who thinks he’s psychic. Because there are elements of the paranormal in the story, the location had be as realistic as I could make it.”

He said he chose to set the novel in Aberystwyth because the town is a “big part” of his life.

He said: “My two older children grew up here, and my youngest was born at Bronglais Hospital. So, in one sense, it’s personal. But also – and I think the makers of Hinterland see this, too - there’s so much tranquil beauty here. From a storytelling point of view, that makes it a wonderful place to set a killer loose.”

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