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Professor escorted from university by police

11 April 2012

A HIGHLY-RESPECTED former Aberystwyth University professor was unceremoniously escorted from his old department by police last week, after he refused demands to leave by security guards.

Professor Ross King, who left the Department of Computer Science in January after 15 years, says he was visiting former colleagues and some of his Phd students on Monday, when security guards turned up and demanded he left the site.

He refused and police were called to remove him from the building.“I am very angry at Aberystwyth University’s treatment of me, and I still have not received any explanation of why I have been singled out in this way,” said Prof King, who now works at Manchester University, but still lives in Borth.

Aberystwyth University declined to comment.

Prof King had headed up a ground-breaking research project called “robot scientist” at Aberystwyth University since 2008 but, after he was head-hunted by Manchester University in January, it was agreed that the project would move with him.

He claims that while there were “some problems” when he left, these were amicably resolved to suit all parties.

The transfer of the robot scientist project is expected to be completed by May, and technicians from Manchester University under Prof King are working at Aberystwyth University to complete the transfer.


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