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Soldier may be offered the 'Freedom of Ceredigion'

05 December 2012

THE “Freedom of Ceredigion” may be offered to a brave Penrhyncoch soldier, who was awarded the Mili-tary Cross for his bravery in action in northern Helmand, Afghanistan.

Former Aberystwyth mayor Hywel T Jones called for Rifleman Matthew Wilson, 21, of 2 RIFLES, attached to the Queens Dragoon Guards, to be given the Freedom of Ceredigion, by the county council.

The council says no formal decision has been made yet but has confirmed it has written to Rifleman Wilson asking if he would be willing to accept the honour.

Hywel T Jones said: “I called for this some weeks ago. And I was delighted to receive a letter from Ceredigion, saying that Rifleman Wilson may, indeed, have the Freedom of Ceredigion bestowed upon him.

“But I think it is disgusting that Aberystwyth Town Council has declined to take similar action just because his family lives in Penrhyncoch.

Aberystwyth is the nearest town, and the fact that his family lives in Penrhyncoch is no reason not to recognise this soldier’s immense bravery.”In Nahr-e Saraj in October 2011, an insurgent sharpshooter shot at Rifleman Wilson’s patrol – hitting one of his soldiers in the leg.


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