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Aber professor accuses musician of anti-Semitism

13 February 2013

A MUSICIAN who performed at Aberystwyth Arts Centre has been accused of anti-Semitism with “obsessive fixations on Jewishness”.

But jazz musician, author and philosopher Gilad Atzmon, who appeared at the Arts Centre on Saturday, 9 February, with The Orient House Ensemble, has denied anti-Semitism.

Aberystwyth University International Politics professor James Vaughan said many people had concerns over Mr Atzmon’s views, including those on the US Palestinian Community Network. While Prof Vaughan insisted Mr Atzmon is entitled to criticise Israel and Israeli policy, he said there were concerns over his “obsessive fixations on Jewishness”.

Prof Vaughan said he did not want to see Mr Atzmon stopped from performing, but wanted there to be “broader awareness” about Mr Atzmon’s views and how he is received by Palestinian activists. However, Mr Atzmon, who was born in Isreal, dismissed claims that he is anti-semitic as “ludicrous and malicious” and said: “I am indeed an opponent of Israel, Zionism and also critical of the Jewish lobby within politics, media and finance. 


Click here for the full story, or see this week's Aberystwyth edition of the Cambrian News



Martin Smith
Gilad Atzmon
Having spoken with Gilad more than once about his views, I am convinced that there is no antisemitism in his thoughts. Coming from a strongly Zionist family he grew up with the official Israeli accounts of Jewsih settlement in Palestine. It was only when he was doing his military service in the IDF that he realised that he was occupying other people's land and began to question the accounts he'd been told. He has said that he regards himself as an ex-Jew, which he is entitled to do. I do not understand how Palestinian organisations could be troubled by his support for them.
Posted : 15/02/13 10:58 AM

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