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Archaeologists stumble upon lost treasure

05 June 2013

TWO archaeologists taking a stroll near Lampeter have made an extraordinary discovery. Nikki Vousden from the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales and Dr Roderick Bale of the university in Lampeter came across a long-lost Medieval incised stone in a stream near St Sulien’s Church, Silian.

The rare lost stone was first noted by Nash-Williams in The Early Christian Monuments of Wales and a cast of its incised face was kept at the National Museum of Wales. The stone is referred to as ‘Silian 3’ in Nancy Edwards’ Corpus of Early Medieval Inscribed Stones and Stone Sculpture in Wales Volume II, and its pattern is thought to date to the ninth or 10th century.

“It was a very exciting discovery,” Nikki said. “Amazingly, the stone lay hidden in the stream until the water on its wet surface helped highlight the inscribed pattern and we spotted it. “How the Silian 3 stone ended up in the steam is a mystery, especially as someone obviously once knew of its significance and took a cast.

“We are currently awaiting information as to the provenance of the cast and photograph.” 


Click here for the full story, or see this week's South edition of the Cambrian News



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