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Deer antler found on beach believed to be 6,000 years old

30 January 2014

A DEER antler found by a Tywyn family could be 6,000 years old, experts have suggested. Tabitha and Samuel Kendall, aged eight and nine, were with their dad Mark, when they discovered the antler while exploring the ancient forest uncovered on the beach south of Tywyn after the recent high tide.

Prof Henry Lamb, of Aberystwyth University, said he believed that the antler belonged to a red deer.

He added: “It’s the base of an antler, which looks like it may have come from quite a substantial stag.” In January 1919, the Cambrian News reported on a similar find of deer antlers on the beach. The article said:

“The recent discovery of a pair of fine antlers of the Carw or red deer on Towyn low water line by Mr Williams of Cadvan House taken in conjunction with similar antlers, bones, etc, previously found by Mr W C Kettle on the same shore level at a quarter of a mile distance northwards, are especially interesting as bearing on the question of the irruption of the sea, known in legendary lore as the submergence of Cantref y Gwaelod in the times of Gwyddno Garanhir, Prince of Meirionydd, in the fifth century.

“On referring to the keeper of geology and palaeontology British Museum, a courteous reply was received to the following effect: The specimens you send are two portions of antlers of red deer, and part of pelvis either of large deer or small ox. “The submerged forest at Towyn evidently corresponds with that at Barmouth from which five antlers of red deer have been obtained.

“Unfortunately the bones do not fix any definite date and the deposit may well belong to the historic period.”

The article suggested that the deer had become exhausted from swimming and a letter in response to the article suggested the deer were caught in a sudden irruption of the sea, or that the deer were attracted to the shoreline in search of a drink.”


Click here for the full story, or see this week's Meirionnydd edition of the Cambrian News



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