Letter to the Editor: I, like many women readers was disappointed to see the letter from the deeply misogynistic R Williams (Cambrian News, 4 January).

Like every other woman, we have been taught to fear predatory men from a very young age. Unfortunately we don’t which men are the dangerous ones so we err on the side of caution as much as possible. I can recommend a great book to women readers called The Gift of Fear which teaches women to be alert to the signals that predators give out. One of them is forced teaming, where a predator creates an unwelcome alliance of the ‘we’re in this together’ scenario. Therefore when men say ‘you don’t need to be afraid of me’ it is the clearest signal that you absolutely need to be afraid of that man.

There was reference to the WWDAS service which unfortunately is no longer a woman only service and therefore deprives women who want a woman only service in which to heal. This is not progress and does nothing for inclusivity for women, especially those that require a woman only space for religious reasons.

It is not transphobic to state that no one can change their biological sex, but it is certainly misogynistic bigotry for a male to assert with no sense of irony that women are not welcome in Ceredigion if their views don’t allow them to lie about biological sex.

You will no doubt have seen the absolutely shocking news from Scotland that violent rapists and paedophiles are now being housed in the female prison estate and in addition more than 40 per cent of trans-identified men in prison have been convicted of a sexual offence. These are facts and the evidence suggests that trans-identified men are in fact more likely to be sexual offenders than the normal male population.

Men writing to newspaper editors minimising the risk of male violence to women are precisely the men who raise warning signs to women. Any man that glibly minimises the danger of men to women is a red flag.

It would be helpful to know if there is an entrenched view of misogyny in Ceredigion. I often tell friends to make sure they visit such a beautiful part of Wales, but I can no longer do so in good conscience if there are so many women hating men living there.

Alice Richards,