Letter to the Editor: I don’t dispute that we are witnessing odd weather patterns on our planet, but I do challenge who or what is really to blame. There is a vast body of evidence which clearly demonstrates that geoengineering — otherwise known as weather manipulation experiments—  have been conducted for decades, and are causing tremendous harm to Earth.

I recommend the excellent Dane Wiginton for his tireless research and campaign to raise awareness of these matters.It seems odd to me that the Extinction Rebellion activists appear to be so ignorant of the real culprits behind climate change.

You’d think they would do their research before disrupting the general public with their protests.

Nikky Govier, Aberystwyth

Editor’s note: Maybe you could write to Dane Wiginton and ask him to clear some space on Aberystwyth beach. Then you could both bury your heads in the sand...