NHS Wales’ online cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) team has welcomed the Welsh Government’s commitment to digital therapies and early intervention as outlined in its new Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

The proposals – out for consultation until June - promise a “broad new, approach” to mental health provision for the next decade.

With a strong focus on prevention, they aim to empower people to improve their mental health while removing barriers and stigma around getting help.

The Senedd also hopes to build on the success of online CBT and easy-to access-support like 111 press 2.

Online CBT project manager Fionnuala Clayton said: “Our service meets key objectives of the Welsh Government’s new strategy and we very much hope to play a part in bringing these plans to fruition.

“With easy, online access, self-referral and no waiting lists, our focus is very much on prevention first whilst breaking down barriers to care.

“We’re providing an equitable service with a range of programmes to support individual needs, and with a personalised, human touch provided by our team of online supporters.”

The strategy calls for “appropriate, timely interventions” for mild to moderate mental health conditions, and recognises that for many this means access to guided, self-help therapy.