Letter to the Editor: May I take this opportunity to wholeheartedly agree with your columnist, Patrick O’Brien, advocating the need for our own electricity grid in Cymru (Frankly Speaking, Cambrian News, 9 November).

According to government figures we’re a huge net exporter of electricity consuming approximately 15 billion KWh annually, while generating approximately 28 billion KWh.

So where does nearly half our electricity go? England probably, if not further afield — at a price of course. But we, this side of Offa’s Dyke are in receipt of nothing.

Once again a national resource is being surreptitiously pillaged for the benefit of others.

Approximately 27 per cent of electricity generation in Wales is from renewables and with an upsurge in wind farms and tidal wave schemes on the cards this trend is certain to continue. That’s why, as Patrick O’Brien so eloquently put it, a long awaited electricity grid  — and even a water grid — of our own is a must.

Cllr Alwyn Gruffydd,


Cyngor Tref Porthmadog