Plans for a new office building at a Ceredigion family-owned business which has been operating a waste management centre for more than 60 years have been refused due to the impact on neighbours.

D I Evans Cyf applied for the new two-storey office building, replacing existing Portakabin-style buildings, the retention of a storage building, and the creation of car parking area and associated works at Gwrthwynt, Beulah.

A supporting statement, through JMS Planning and Development said: “D I Evans is a family operated business, originally providing services as an agricultural contractors who have expanded to the waste management sector providing a range of services such as skip hire, waste disposal and recycling, in addition to septic tank emptying, drain surveys and sewer connections.

“The site has been utilized as a waste management centre since 1960 with various buildings accommodating the different uses on site. DI Evans employ 11 full-time staff members and six part-time staff members.”

It added: “The number of staff will remain as existing, but the purpose-built office will provide them with an enhanced working environment, fit for purpose and allows for a designated space for each employee.”

The application was supported by local community council Beulah, which said: “The business delivers a service for people in the area.

“Building a new office/staff room block will improve conditions and amenities available for the staff. It will be an investment in the business to help secure jobs in the present and the future.

“It will also help the business run more efficiently.”

An officer report recommended refusal.

“The new office building and storage building would cover the majority of the rear boundary of this property, with the office building being two storeys high,” the report said.

“As a result, they would have an adverse impact on the amenity of Delfryn with regards to loss of light and outlook and would also be visually overbearing.”

It said the applicant’s agent was asked to submit amended plans shifting the office building further north, but officers were advised that this is not possible due to the constraints and operations of the site.