Plans have been submitted to bring a former Ceredigion chapel back in to use as a home.

An application to convert Grade II listed Capel Bethel in the coastal village of Aberarth have been submitted to the county council for consideration.

Listed building and full planning pre-application advice from Cadw has been sought according to the submitted application, which also references the retention of original materials.

A heritage impact statement states that the property is “an unusually interesting lateral fronted Calvinistic Methodist chapel, with box pews radiating outwards from the pulpit,” that is a prominent building in the centre of the village.

The front part of the building, where the pulpit, pews and other chapel features will be retained, is set to be used as a music room but the client, an international cellist, with bedrooms downstairs and the kitchen/living area on the first floor.

The applicant intends to convert the chapel while “retaining half of the chapel layout as it currently exists” with the report adding: “The frontage of the chapel will remain as existing and upon entering, the building will immediately be expressed in its original form, albeit with a reduced footprint.”

Planning officers have until June 2 to make a decision on the plan, which was validated earlier this month.