A senior Powys councillor has issued a plea asking councillors to ensure they attend future committee meetings.

At Powys County Council’s annual meeting on Thursday, 16 May councillors shared out the seats on the various council committees as well as appointing members who will chair them.

Meeting attendance has been an issue raised by the Conservative group over the last 18 months as they were unhappy to see the number of councillors on committees drop last year.

This followed the slimming down of the council in May 2022 from 73 to 68 councillors.

Some councillors are also unable to attend regular daytime meetings due to their work commitments.

Conservative Cllr Lucy Roberts was re-appointed to her role as chairman of the Employment and Appeals committee.

She said: “I want to draw attention that it’s so important that members of these committees and sub-committees attend meetings because there are times when we’ve really struggled.

“In particular on the employment committee, interviews during the day can’t happen unless we have enough members able to attend those meetings.”

Powys County Council chairman, Cllr Jonathan Wilkinson said: “That’s a point well-made and applies to every committee to get the best from them.”