The Welsh Government has announced that support for the bus industry in Wales will continue with £39m confirmed for the year ahead.

Deputy Minister Lee Waters said the funding would be provided through a new ‘Bus Network Grant’.

The grant will be made available to local authorities to secure services once the Welsh Government’s Bus Transition Fund comes to an end on Sunday, 31 March.

The new Bus Network Grant will begin on 1 April and run for 12 months.

Local authorities will be required to meet specific conditions to receive funding.

These include ensuring routes and timetables support improved journey times, deliver opportunities for greater connectivity where possible, and provide improved information about the times of bus services.

Mr Waters said: “The Bus Network Grant will bring stability to the industry as well as increased public control of bus services.

“It will also act as a bridge from the emergency funding that has been provided towards bus franchising.

“It will include specific conditions that will encourage improved regional co-ordination of bus services; network ticketing and the need to ensure accurate and up to date information about the bus services provided.”

Later this year a Bus Bill will be introduced in the Senedd.