A bilingual rapper from Penygroes will not perform at the National Eisteddfod because of the English lyrics in his songs.

Sage Todz announced the news on social media, saying that he would not perform at the festival, due to take place this year at Boduan, because of its Welsh language policy.

A spokesperson for the National Eisteddfod said: "Our language rule was discussed at length with Sage Todz, and we respect the fact that he's a bilingual artist.

"It was his decision to keep to his principles and continue to create music bilingually and in English."

Sage Tweeted: "For anyone wondering, I won't be performing at Maes B or Eisteddfod this year due to the Welsh language policy they have in place. *Essentially there's too much English in my songs."

The announcement has attracted the attention of many people on Twitter. Some suggest Sage should follow the eisteddfod rules and adapt his lyrics, but Welsh government minister Vaughan Gething said the eisteddfod should adapt.

He said Sage Todz brings the Welsh to "a wider, more diverse audience", adding that the eisteddfod "could take this opportunity to reconsider their approach - this is the major showcase event for the future of the language".