A survey on the impact of the Machynlleth public toilet closure has reached almost 500 responses in its first three days.

The public toilets were closed in January 2023 after being continuously vandalised.

Machynlleth Town Council which runs the toilets could no longer foot the bill of the mounting repair works and despite the toilets being boarded up there have been continued break-ins.

The community has been in uproar over the perceived inaction from the town council who rent the building from Powys County Council.

Businesses say they have taken the brunt of tourists needing facilities, with Hennigan’s Fish and Chip shop stating they have “long queues for the toilets than takeaways”.

After a 16-month stalemate between the councils which both suggested it was the other's responsibility to fix, a working group formed to address the problem.

Powys Council has told the group it will hand the building ownership to the town council, who can then apply for funding.

Cllr Kim Bryan said: “There is still a long way to go but I am delighted to say things are moving, people are engaged, and the response from the community to the survey has been brilliant."