SUNSHINE is set to remain in place across west Wales for the rest of the week, with temperatures rising - but could be replaced by storms over the weekend.

Despite some eastern parts of the UK seeing a cloudy week ahead, western areas will see the best of the sunshine where it will feel very warm in places.

Monday will see high temperatures of 23°C with lots of late evening sunshine, temperatures could drop as low as 6°C in rural areas.

Tuesday will see the sunny weather continue in western parts of Wales with a high of 22°C.

Wednesday to Friday will see temperatures gradually climb according to the Met Office, with a lot of strong sunshine each day.

Saturday could see a change however, with some scattered showers and thunderstorms possible towards the south and southwest, potentially spreading further northeast.

Temperatures are set to remain high however in the west.

Met Office Chief Meteorologist, Paul Gundersen, said: “As with last week, the sunniest and warmest weather will be to the west of the UK with cooler, cloudier conditions persisting in the east for the next few days. The cloud will push inland across the country overnight, burning back to the east coast by day."

The East / West split is expected to continue through the rest of the week.

Eastern coasts staying generally cooler than average, while many parts of the west see rather warm weather. There are some indications the centre of the high pressure dominating our weather could move eastward as we head through the second half of this week allowing winds to turn south easterly and draw in warm air from near continent.

The weather could become hotter,  and more humid, possibly reaching mid-to high twenties Celsius in places, particularly in the south, by the weekend. This brings a risk of scattered showers or thunderstorms in the South West later on Friday and into Saturday, although such developments are currently somewhat uncertain.

Whilst dry settled weather is enjoyed by some it does increase pollen levels, which are currently high across the south of the UK.