Aries (21 Mar - 20 Apr)

Someone with expertise in their field will persuade you to get involved in a project you have had no experience in. This will be a big risk for you and one you will have to consider very carefully. They have nothing to lose. If things go wrong, who will get the blame? A false move could damage your good reputation. An unexpected expense may mean having to pool resources with another.

Taurus (21 Apr - 21 May)

Thoughts are confusing, going round in circles with no clear direction. You may find that talking to an older relative who has always given good advice will help you find a better focus. You are being thrown into an unexpected situation and this is forcing you to have to make a choice you never saw coming. This choice will be heart-based and your final decision will define you and what you stand for.

Gemini (22 May - 21 Jun)

Someone is playing mind games. Consider why they are trying to manipulate you or situations that involve you both. It is entirely possible it is because they feel insecure. If an ex is trying to wheedle their way back into your life, cut cords with them. They have hurt you once, they will do so again. They do not deserve your time, affection or attention. A school or community function will bring back some happy memories.

Cancer (22 Jun - 23 Jul)

Disappointments in a current relationship make you realise the value of what you had in the past. You might wish you had not broken up with someone who you now feel was the right person for you. You cannot go back into the past but at least now you know what you do appreciate in a partner. A job that is repetitive and boring is starting to get you down. Is there someone else who can take over this?

Leo (24 Jul - 23 Aug)

Be sure that a joint decision is based on equality then whatever you decide to do, you will both be happy about it. Problems in the workplace should not be ignored as you are tempted to do with them. It will save you both time and money to deal with these instantly. Don’t hide yourself away on the weekend. A friend or neighbour is about to introduce you to a fun and exciting pastime.

Virgo (24 Aug - 23 Sep)

You might be struggling to find a healthy balance between work and play. Your workload seems to be a lot for one person and it keeps growing. Can you delegate some responsibilities? If you’re anxious about something that is going on in your life, share your concerns with someone you can trust. Something from the past keeps coming into your mind. An old disappointment is casting a shadow over a current relationship.

Libra (24 Sep - 23 Oct)

You’re putting off making a decision by refusing to even think about it. This is frustrating your friends and making you tense and miserable. This is something you need to consider if only to allow other people to know where they stand with you. Besides, once you have got things clear in your mind, you will feel more certain about the future. Make some space in your life by decluttering your surroundings.

Scorpio (24 Oct - 22 Nov)

Before making a large expenditure for the home, check it is going to be worth it. There may be cheaper alternatives and in this current economic climate you don’t want to feel as if you’ve wasted your money. A home improvement project needs more thought. An idea suggested by a housemate might sound good but it will turn out to be as much use as a chocolate teapot.

Sagittarius (23 Nov - 21 Dec)

Everything will seem to be going your way as the week begins but don’t take it for granted that this will continue. It will be important to stay alert to anything that might work against you. The warnings are there; heed them or you could bump into a few unwanted problems. You appreciate a colleague making time to give you advice but not everything will be worth heeding.

Capricorn (22 Dec - 20 Jan)

Unresolved fears from your childhood are preventing you from being spontaneous. You can’t let go because of a time in your past when everything went wrong after you made an impulsive move. It is good to be cautious but it can be fun, too, to go with the mood of the moment. Try it and see. Going to a weekend party or gathering will be a lot more fun than you had expected.

Aquarius (21 Jan - 19 Feb)

New job arrangements will not be without some hassle. After giving these a fair chance, if you can’t see how they will work, you might want to start considering better contracts and agreements. It would be sensible to seek to satisfy yourself rather than making so much effort to please others. Support your health by choosing a diet mainly of fresh produce, whole grains and lean proteins.

Pisces (20 Feb - 20 Mar)

Adjusting to a big change will not be easy. You’re finding it hard to adapt to new and unfamiliar situations. A part of the reason for this is because it has all happened so suddenly you haven’t had time to prepare yourself. Eventually you will settle into new routines that will make you feel more secure. You’ve been doing a lot to support community enterprises and it will feel good to take a step away.

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