ABERYSTWYTH fire station will be opening its doors later this month to offer a firefighter experience day.

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service is responsible for providing emergency response cover to nearly 12,000 square kilometres - almost two-thirds of Wales.

On-Call Firefighters are an essential part of our Service and your community - 75 per cent of our fire stations are crewed entirely by On-Call Firefighters.

Aberystwyth fire station
A morning and afternoon session will be held on 20 April (MAWWFS)

If you've ever considered becoming a firefighter, attending one of our Experience Days is a great way of helping you make an informed decision before applying.

During the session, you'll have the opportunity to try on the firefighting kit, learn how to assemble equipment and take part in a practical exercise.

The Aberystwyth crew will also be on hand to answer any questions.

The Firefighter Experience Day will include an overview the role of a modern-day firefighter; trying on the firefighting kit and equipment; the various aspects of the recruitment process; the importance of fitness; the various types of equipment and career pathways.