EARLY proposals for fresh parking restrictions on Aberystwyth promenade could see dozens of parking spaces lost, Aberystwyth’s mayor has warned.

Ceredigion County Council is in a pre-consultation phase for changes to restrictions in and around the promenade that will see new waiting times introduced in some areas, with double yellow lines replacing parking spaces along a vast stretch of the promenade from the Old College to South Beach.

The proposals, which are separate from controversial plans outlined in the budget to begin charging for parking on the promenade which are set to come in later this year, suggest that up to 60 current parking spaces will be lost, while more will be affected by additionally restrictive waiting times.

The plans will create space for a two way system around the castle end of the promenade, plans suggest.

The proposals have not yet been made available to the public, with the council saying it would be shared with residents “at the appropriate time”, but maps were shared on Facebook by Aberystwyth town mayor Cllr Kerry Ferguson.

Cllr Ferguson said: “Ceredigion County Council are proposing changes to parking restrictions on Aberystwyth Prom.

“The effect of this is to introduce multiple changes to parking restrictions on part of Aberystwyth seafront and some adjoining streets.

“This is part of a scheme to reallocate inadequate space for two way traffic on part of the seafront and to provide a shared use path compliant with the Active Travel Act 2013.

“The reasons for this proposal are therefore to avoid danger to persons or other traffic using these roads or preventing the likelihood of such danger arising, to facilitate passage on the roads (including for pedestrians), and to improve the amenities of the area.

“It would seem this is step one of the consultation (to stakeholders) and a public consultation will open soon.

“It looks to me as a reduction in parking spaces by about 50 to 60 cars along the stretches proposed.”

A Ceredigion County Council spokesperson told the Cambrian News: “The public consultation stage on the proposals has not commenced at this time.

“As is usual during the development of new Traffic Regulation Orders, Ceredigion County Council has approached organisations and elected representatives as the first part of a consultation process as the details of any proposal put forward to public consultation may change following the first stage consultation currently underway.

“Public consultation will be undertaken following a review of this initial stakeholder’s engagement, and details will be made available on the Council’s website at the appropriate time.”