Aberystwyth’s Deliveroo riders have hailed the DIY strike they held last week a ‘success’. Last Friday 1 March riders and drivers for the online food delivery giant refused all orders that paid a fee of below £4.

Starting at 5pm until close of business that day, the riders successfully forced the UK delivery company to increase riders’ fees, with an estimated 30 riders across the town refusing orders until they were £4 or above.

This comes after a recent dip in fees paid locally per order in 2024. According to multiple riders, many were being offered £3.15 per delivery despite fees being supposedly based on the distance traveled for the delivery.

This caused riders to lose money on deliveries with the cost of fuel.

A rider involved in the strike who did not want to be named said: “The strike went really well and the fees have gone up... there has certainly been a boost in how the riders are feeling emotionally about work.

“All the restaurants in town seemed supportive, and most of them made the food when a rider was assigned rather than making the food straight away.

“Our goal was to get heard by Deliveroo, and the Cambrian News coverage really helped with that, and our method of striking minimised the effect on the customers.

“In Aberystwyth Deliveroo riders pride themselves on customer service.”

Deliveries were on average 10 minutes late that evening, whilst regular Deliveroo customer, Macdonald’s, turned off their Deliveroo orders intermittently to prevent a backlog on orders.

Some riders however have noticed that fees are dropping back down to £3.15 again this week when there are lots of riders on shift.

No riders have received any contact from Deliveroo regarding the strike or the fees. One rider said: “Some riders have lost trust in Deliveroo and are still seeking more suitable employment.”

A Deliveroo spokesperson said: “Deliveroo aims to provide riders with the flexible work riders tell us they value, attractive earning opportunities and protections.

“Rider retention rates are high and the overwhelming majority of riders tell us that they are satisfied working with us. We value dialogue with riders and will enter collective bargaining with riders on pay in April. 

“We are pleased to also be able to offer riders free insurance, sickness cover, financial support when riders become new parents, and a range of training opportunities.”