Aberystwyth could be named as Britain’s Best Walking Neighbourhood after being shortlisted for a Ramblers UK competition.

Ramblers UK have named a shortlist of 10 areas with Aberystwyth being selected as the only area in Wales, with the public now being given the chance to vote for the eventual winner.

As part of the competition, a Ramblers UK team visited each area put forward to make an assessment before deciding on the shortlisted 10.

The judge’s assessment on Aberystwyth says: “Aberystwyth was shortlisted because it has a good urban and rural mix, with great access to green spaces and the seafront, including the coast path.

“There is also good public transport links and traffic calming interventions.

“In addition, it is a beautiful place, and the town has made a good use of their unique geography.”

Voting is not just open to members of Ramblers UK, but the general public, with the deadline for votes on Sunday, 30 June.

Dwynwen Belsey, the group secretary of Aberystwyth Ramblers, said the group was delighted that Aberystwyth had made the shortlist as the only Welsh area.

She said: “They are looking for neighbourhoods that have access to good walking e.g wide pavements, green spaces and traffic calming devices and areas where it is easy to walk to reach areas of the town you would wish to reach and where walking can be incorporated into daily living.

“We have been successful in getting in to the Top 10 and are now eligible to be voted in the number one position. We are the only finalists from Wales, there are seven from England, two from Scotland and us from Wales.”

Other nominated areas are Bow and Three Mills, Brighton, Brockley, Cambridge, Chorlton and Whalley Range, The Deepings, Elgin, Falkirk, and Milton Keynes. Votes can be cast at www.ramblers.org.uk/vote

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