A GROUP of former Aberystwyth students who graduated in 1972 have celebrated their 50th annual reunion in the town.

The “Mezz Men” as they title themselves met during their time at Aberystwyth University, all living in the Pantycelyn halls of residence on the mezzanine floor.

Speaking to the Cambrian News, Bernard explained that it all started as a way of staying contact with each other following graduation, but it has grown into a long and established tradition.

“In 1972, a group of lads who had all lived together, graduated and decided that it would be good to keep in touch by returning to the town and now here we are, 50 years later still going strong.” Bernard said.

Over the years, the group have established a number of traditions during their reunions.

“A of traditions have come and gone over the years, we used to play cards into the night until we passed out, we used to go to the Cambrian and drink and sing until the sun came up.”

While they all studied in Aberystwyth, the group are now spread all over the world.

“We live across the UK, we have one member who lives in Amsterdam and a number of years ago he cycled all the way from his home to Aberystwyth for the event.

“Aberystwyth is a special place to us all, there is a spirit about it which is just so magical.” Bernard added.

Despite the weather, the group met again this year to enjoy their 50th anniversary reunion.