WORKS to repair a ‘dangerous’ jetty on North Beach and a damaged bridge at Aberystwyth castle are too expensive, the county council has said.

Concerns has been sparked after beachgoers were seen climbing on to the jetty and unconfirmed reports of people getting injured.

Ceredigion County Council says the quotes to repair the jetty were beyond its limited resources – and it has fixed the fencing, which was previously collapsing and allowing entry to the public

The wooden structure also remains accessible from the beach.

Plaid Cymru county councillor and Aberystwyth town councillor Alun Williams said: “The council are currently looking at options for repairing the jetty as well as funding avenues for both the jetty and the bridges at the castle.

“Initial estimates were very expensive and limited funds must be spent wisely. In the meantime, jetty fencing has been made more secure to prevent people placing themselves at risk.

“What would really help to secure the future of the jetty would be if boat operators could come forward with their ideas for using it, perhaps by running trips into the bay.

“I’m sure that kind of a service would be very popular in the summer months.”

The entry to the jetty has been fenced for more than a year
The entry to the jetty has been fenced for more than a year (Cambrian News)

Access to the wooden jetty from the promenade has been fenced off for more than a year with a large red road sign placed at the entrance stating, ‘footway closed’.

Newly appointed town mayor Kerry Ferguson said: “I agree that the entrance should be cordoned off and would encourage people not to use the jetty from the sea due to safety issues concerned.”

The Cambrian News heard reports someone injured themselves on the jetty last weekend, but the Welsh Ambulance Service had no reports fitting the description or location.

In the early hours of the morning on 18 July last year emergency services rushed to the aid of a person who had fallen through the jetty, sustaining multiple injuries as a result.

A county council spokesperson said: “The fencing at the top of the jetty in Aberystwyth has been replaced to make it more secure and has clearly stated that the jetty is closed.

“Residents and visitors should not attempt to climb around the fencing or access the jetty from the beach or sea. If they do, they are placing themselves at risk.

“The council are also currently looking at repair options as well as funding avenues.”