The Army cadets in Tywyn are raising funds to send three of their members on a trip to South Africa.

Three of the detachment’s cadets have been selected from across Wales to go on the “once in a lifetime” trip.

Tomas Hesleton, Ellie McGregor, and Finley Hillman will join 69 cadets from across the country on a journey to South Africa. For 18 days, they will have a fantastic opportunity to explore the country’s culture, history and wildlife on safaris, and visit conservation areas and schools. They will also walk the Zulu trail walked by the 24th regiment - also known as the South Wales Borderers - during the Boer War.

The Tywyn army cadets detachment commander, Louise Hughes, said: “The trip will push them outside of their comfort zone, and have them doing something that might be scary. Which it will be; they’ll be flying to a different continent, they might not have signal, some of them will be sleeping in their kayaks! It’s important that they have that so that they grow as people. It’ll be hard work. They’ll have to carry all of their own kit while they’re there.

“There are cadets from all over Wales going on the trip, it’s a fabulous, once in a lifetime opportunity for them. They’re going to learn all sorts of skills! They’re also going to be visiting African schools and learning about their culture and history as well as repair some of the war memorials.”

The cadets have been raising money for the trip which will cost £900 each.

To date, they have hosted a raffle and a small fair with activities, as well as a sponsored silence whilst running drill exercises.

They are also planning a backpacking trip up Snowdon this month.

Commander Hughes considers that the raising of the funds is as important as the trip itself.

She said: “It’s motivating them to do something for themselves, rather than putting it on a plate, they need to earn it.”

The cadets have raised over £1,000 so far.

Commander Hughes said a large portion of that came from Tywyn town Council after the cadets spoke to them at one of their meetings.

Donations can be made by contacting Louise Hughes by email at [email protected].