We are all living in turbulent times where climate change, species extinction and biodiversity loss are accelerating at unprecedented rates, with potentially catastrophic outcomes. We all have our part to play in taking drastic and immediate action to halt and potentially reverse the damage caused to our planet and its living, life-supporting systems.

Recent mainstream media coverage has increased the profile of action on climate change, and a number of high profile studies have been released calling on governments, corporations and citizens to take action now. These include: The IPCC ‘Special Report on Global Warming’, October 2018, which warns we have just 12 years to reduce our global carbon footprint before we reach global warming of 1.5°C; the global ‘School Strikes for Climate’ started by Greta Thunberg; the recent direct action by Extinction Rebellion in London and around the world; the declaration of Climate Emergency by the Welsh Assembly; the IPBES biodiversity report which warns that ‘1 million species are currently threatened by extinction’; and the UK government commitment to net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

We are writing this letter in particular to artist Robert Davies of Taliesin, with regard to the environmental impact of his proposed metal tree on the beach in Borth. His own website has recently published support for the school strikes in Machynlleth, and he has previously stated that part of the aim of the metal tree project is to draw attention to climate change. However, now is not the time for broad awareness-raising; it is the time for urgent, assertive and meaningful action.

This is Mr Davies’ chance to demonstrate a sincere commitment to action on climate change by ceasing with the plans to construct an energy-intensive, resource-heavy and carbon-negative sculpture in a Special Landscape Area. He can take this opportunity to lead by example and make it publicly known that he has made the decision based on what is best for our world.

Ultimately it is his decision on how this controversial project proceeds and what impact it has on the world in terms of the energy, metals and carbon footprint. We ask him to take time to consider this request and to do good for the sake of our planet.

Yours etc, Kim Williams, Helen Kennedy, Tom Gunn and Rychard Carrington, Borth.

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