A young badger cub who had fallen onto rocks along Cardigan Bay has been released back into the wild after a period of RSPCA specialist care.

The male cub - which weighed just 1.455 kilograms (3.2 pounds) - which is the same weight roughly as three loaves of bread - was found on Saturday 20 April at around 1pm at Porthlysgi Beach, St Davids.

He was understandably in a frightened state and was making distressed noises.

RSPCA Inspector and Wildlife Officer Keith Hogben attended the location - a rural cove off the Pembrokeshire Coast Path - to collect the badger and take him to a place of safety.

A video taken by Keith shows when he was initially spotted as he was hidden amongst the rocks. On this occasion a specialist bag designed for wildlife was used instead of a cage due to the difficulties accessing the location safely.

“The cub was found directly below a larger badger sett so we knew where he came from,” said Keith.

“Luckily he was spotted and we were able to find him amongst the rocks and able to get to him before anything happened to him. He would have been very vulnerable out in the open and in the daylight.”

The badger cub was then assessed by Keith and RSPCA Wildlife Officer Ellie West who provided specialist care for the cub.

Ellie said once the badger was fully recovered from his ordeal they were able to return him to his sett.

The badger made a full recovery (RSPCA)

“On Monday 22 April he was taken back to the sett at dusk and released,” she said.

“We were really pleased he was able to be released so soon as he was still at a suckling age and would have not been out and about yet at this age much at all.”

If you encounter a badger who is injured or in distress, visit the RSPCA website for advice or call the RSPCA’s emergency line on 0300 1234 999.