A Lledrod guest house owner is seeking clarification over business waste collection rules.

Stuart Betts, of the Brynarth Guest House, said that expecting a small business to enter into a large-scale contract for refuse collection was unrealistic.

Mr Betts said: “We’ve been here seven years, and it’s been a guest house for 40 years.

“In that time the council has always taken the waste for us. At certain points I’ve got in touch with them about issues, but they’ve never said we can’t have waste collected.

“Then on Monday, 12 August, we got a letter to say the refuse system had changed and anyone registered as a business couldn’t have waste collected, and that was from Wednesday, 14 August.

“As a B&B it’s very different to a factory or something like McDonald’s. We don’t have a lot of waste to be collected.

“As we live and work in our property, I’d have to work out what waste is ours and what is trade waste, as we pay rates and are entitled to have waste collected.

“I’d have to have two sets of bins for what is our waste and what is trade waste.

“For the amount we have, it seems ridiculous to have a company come out here and use up diesel and drive the miles to come and get it.

“We’re trying to bring tourism to the county and we get hit by bill after bill.”

Mr Betts said he would be prepared to pay a fee to the council for trade waste collections, but said that would need to be based on the amount of trade waste, something which he said didn’t appear to have been considered.

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