An ugly concrete wall on Borth High Street has transformed into a work of art thanks to volunteers.

A fundraiser began in March to transform the “eyesore” by volunteer group the Jam Pot.

Their target was the former Leri Garage which was in “desperate need of transformation”.

Two months later the team raised over £2,100 for a local artist and materials to turn the wall into a tribute to the stones of Borth’s pebbly beach.

Local artist Bodge was awarded a Muriel Delahaye prize for the mural during BorthFest art festival on 27 May.

Alex Harwood, co-founder of the Jam Pot which started in 2022, said: “We wanted to do something which brought people together and enhanced the area.

“The community response has been amazing, people have been stopping to chat with the artist and taking their favourite pebble to be immortalised on the wall.

“Every pebble painted is a real pebble from Borth.

“The wall is not finished yet but it's well on its way.”

She said Bodge is donating her free time to the project which would “cost a lot more” otherwise, adding: “ “Bodge really has been brilliant and incredibly generous with her time.”

The Borth Wall before and after Bodge's work (with more to come!)
The Borth Wall before and after Bodge's work (with more to come!) (The Jam Pot)

Cathryn Brown commented: “It's lovely! It's slowing down the traffic, well me anyway so I can properly look at it!”

The group are continuing to fundraise with the next event at Uncle Alberts on 7 June. To donate go to their GoFundMe page.