ABERINNOVATION staff completed the Welsh three peaks challenge, to raise money for a cancer charity, with the aim of starting monthly fundraising events.

Dafydd Jones-Morris and Emma Coates, from AberInnovation, took on the Welsh three peaks challenge to raise money Macmillan Cancer Support.

Starting at 3.30am, on 13 August, the pair climbed Yr Wyddfa, before climbing Cader Idris and, finally, Pen y Fan.

The challenge was made even more difficult by the heatwave that swept across the country.

Dafydd said: “When we started our walk at 3.30am, it was already 17 degrees. It was a bit worrying, but the moonlight was so bright we didn’t even need to use torches - it was absolutely stunning.

“Cader Idris was interesting. We ended up getting to the top in the mid day heat. Half way up somebody advised us to take our clothes, put them in the river, not ring them, and put them back on. It was the best advice I’ve heard.

“We had Huw, another team member, join us for the last leg.”

Dafydd said the “close knit community” helped out in more ways than one: “The shack in Corris was closed when we drove past, but they fed us anyway. We pulled over, they told us they had switched everything off, but we told them what we were doing and they said ‘right this is what we’ve got left’.

“The challenge was almost not going to happen because our transport fell through. But Adrian Harvey, from the IBERS department, said ‘no matter what you need, I’ve got you covered’. He donated a car and ever paid for our petrol.”

The walk was held to raise money but also highlight AberInnovation’s Macmillan coffee morning, which is taking place in their main reception on 30 September, from 9am onward.

The idea for the charity walk came up during a team meeting around a month ago: “We felt that we had all experienced someone in our close circle or family who had been diagnosed or affected by cancer, so we felt really strongly about helping Macmillan.

“My auntie, for instance, had a double breast removal when she had cancer. I’ve done a lot for cancer charities since then, I grew my hair last year then donated that to Little Princess Trust. I also did brave the shave a few years ago.”

This was the first major fundraising event, but it certainly won’t be the last for the team.

“We’ve actually set up a small department called Charity Champions. Myself and Andrew Rowbottom are the heads of that. Each month we’re selecting a different cause to do something active for.

“We’re looking to involve the local community more in our efforts, and the coffee morning is going to be the start of that. We’re also going to do a beach clean and get them involved in that.

“We hope that this event will open the doors for the community being involved with us.”

If you want to get involved with AberInnovation’s fundraising, email [email protected].

To donate to Dafydd and Emma, go to https://thyg.uk/BUS007111153.