Letter to the Editor: Through your pages can I very much welcome the Cambrian News’ continued commitment to and interest in the fate of Bodlondeb and the provision of care for the elderly in this area. (The Bodlondeb mystery and Ceredigion has failed the sick and infirm, Cambrian News,  19 April).

Anyone whose relatives have suffered with dementia, who may require EMI nursing care, or have sought a place in a residential care home, know how pressurised the sector is on the ground, here in Ceredigion. It is crucial also that the public sector steps up to the mark and provides the different care needs the elderly require, sometimes care packages in the home, sometimes residential care, sometimes EMI nursing.

And so we in the North Ceredigion Forum for Older People’s Care very much welcome the comments from Dai Thomas and Cllr Carl Worrell about the needs of this community, and how Bodlondeb did such a vital job, and with imagination and vision could again. This is not just a random pipe dream but a growing need as our population ages.

But for five years such views have been ignored by the council. For five years our forum secretary, Pat Bates, has written to the council requesting updates on the sale of Bodlondeb, and each time the same response “ noticing to report back”.

Five wasted years.

We are grateful too for the comments of Senedd Member Elin Jones, but hope she will have more luck in persuading her colleagues on the council, than she  presumably has to date. Her party has led the county council for a number of years, and now with their majority have the opportunity to change direction.

Our forum will continue to lobby for that change, and urge councillors of all parties and none to work proactively in the interests of older people.

Mark Williams Chairman, North Ceredigion Forum for Older People’s Care

Editor’s note: If Plaid can’t run a county, how can they run a country?