Letter to the Editor: The Cambrian News writes it as it is (Borth glaciologist to feature in Frozen Planet II, 12 October), so I now ask with the reported world temperatures rising, and ice caps melting, then what chance is there of saving the planet if we cannot even produce a recyclable crisp packet for disposal in the weekly council collection?

I would also ask that with the very short time of the 50-year prediction of the catastrophic effect on the planet by the uncontrolled release of greenhouse gasses then perhaps has the time come for the powers that be to be truthful with up-to-date findings on the reality of any after-life belief — stark but a thought of many pondering on such with the present official predicted world fate.

I am deeply concerned for the future of the planet in that not all of our worldwide elected representatives are giving this release of greenhouse gasses the urgent attention required for any hope of our future survival and I ask what is the answer for full awareness of the seriousness of global warming.

Patricia Bates,