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AS Taliesin WI members look forward to their celebration of Saint David’s Day with guest Rev Stuart Bell, they reflect on the previous two meetings. The speaker Dee Mathews enlightened and beguiled them with her early aspirations to become an airline pilot.

Her story from flying smaller engine planes to commercial airliners was achieved through her resoluteness and proven ability.

Her methods and means of achieving her goal were most enlightening and made one realise how difficult it was up to the 1980s for women to have some equal opportunity, consideration as men when applying for the same job as commercial airline pilots.

A lady who defines the Women’s Institutes beliefs that with determination and self-belief one can break down unwarranted barriers. Prior to Dee’s talk, they had enjoyed an energetic and great fun evening playing the game of New Age Kurling in Llanfach Hall.

A wonderful social time was had together.

On Saturday, 9 March at 2pm they are holding a workshop in Llanfach Hall to make their own Easter bonnets. This is free and open to all. If you’re interested, phone Margaret on 01970 832192.

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