CONCERNS are growing over the state of Aberystwyth’s promenade with the May Day bank holiday just a week away.

The promenade is covered in shingle and the former paddling pool, once one of the main attractions on the town’s seafront, is in a sorry state, with broken paving slabs and a seating area under lock and key.

The wooden jetty, which has been cordoned off over safety fears for two years remains closed from the promenade, but is still regularly used with people gaining access to it from the beach.

Stone promenade
Stones have not been cleared from the promenade with May Day bank holiday a week away (Cambrian News)

Aberystwyth Town Council has discussed the possibility of replacing the wooden jetty, with the county council stating last year that it was too expensive to fix.

Either way, nothing has been done and the jetty remains closed and potentially still a danger to people, with the only thing warding people away being a red fence at the promenade entrance.

One concerned resident who contacted the Cambrian News, said: “A sunny walk on Aber prom was a bit of a shock this weekend .

“Deep grit, sand and stones across great swathes of the promenade between the pier and Constitution Hill. “Awkward and uncomfortable to walk on and impossible to use a pushchair or wheelchair through it.

Wooden jetty
Access to the wooden jetty is blocked by fencing from the seafront, but that does not stop people climbing onto it from the beach (Cambrian News)

“Also very dangerous in terms of slipping or tripping, especially with a walking stick. Hardly welcoming to tourists and locals alike!

“I appreciate that storms bring up this matter frequently but as it happens so often, why doesn’t the town or county council invest in a small sweeper machine that could regularly whizz the stuff back onto the beach?

Might be a better use of town council money to invest in public safety and enjoyment of Aber’s main attraction instead of spending on its offices, poetry and parades!

Promenade Aberystwyth
Cllr Carl Worrall says the town needs a big summer and if the promenade isn't fixed, it will be another nail in the coffin for Aberystwyth (Cambrian News)

Penparcau county councillor, Carl Worrall, shared concerns over the state of the promenade.

He said: “Something needs to be done.

“It’s one of our best assets. Not just in Aberystwyth, but in Ceredigion.

“It looks a state at the moment and with the bank holiday around the corner, we need to fix it.

“The town relies on visitors over the summer and our businesses need people in the town.

“We need a big summer.

“If we don’t it’s just another nail in the coffin for Aberystwyth.

“As for the jetty, I think they just need to take it down if it is dangerous.”

Ceredigion County Council said it will be clearing the promenade next week.