Concerned residents in Cellan near Lampeter gathered on Saturday, 17 February to discuss their thoughts about the proposed construction of a network of pylons running through the Teifi valley.

The plans, if they go ahead, will see a series of pylons up to 27m high, carrying 132kV overhead lines from the proposed Lan Fawr Energy Park, located between Llanddewi Brefi and Tregaron, to a potential new National Grid substation in Carmarthen.

A possible route for the pylons could see them running within miles of the village.

The meeting in Cellan was packed with people according to its organiser, Christine Lambert.

She called the proposed construction “unnecessary” and said the residents of Cellan don’t want them being built.

Christine said: “The meeting was packed; within minutes there standing room only.

“There was a lively exchange of views, ideas and experiences and the overall consensus of the meeting was that we do not want or need these pylons and overhead electricity lines blighting our valley and affecting the land and wildlife for future generations.”

The residents of the village would prefer to see electricity carried by underground cables, and they question the need for the electricity to be carried overhead.

Christine added: “They are unnecessary for Wales as Wales is already one of the largest exporters of electricity in the world. Also, in 2024 there is the technology to bury the cables underground.”

The meeting took place only days before a consultation set to take place in the village, hosted by the potential developers, GreenGen Cymru.

Earlier in the month, the people of Llanllwni held a public meeting in their village where a group of more than 80 people agreed to form the Teifi Valley Residents Against Pylons group.

GreenGen Cymru’s consultation took place from 2pm to 7pm in Cellan’s Millenium Hall on Thursday, 22 February.