A LLANBEDR resident who said he was hit by a van believes delays to plans for a bypass of the village are “dangerous”.

Karl Ciz said he videoed two large trucks driving over a bridge in the village, and one needed to mount the pavement in order to get through.

This example, Karl says, shows that the village needs the bypass plans to go ahead.

Another reason is that residents, including himself, are being put in danger by simply walking around the village.

He told the Cambrian News of his concerns about the delays to the bypass plans.

Karl said: “It’s dangerous. Many in the village can’t go outside their front door. An old man had his shopping knocked out of his hands last week by a car.

“On Monday (9 August) I was hit by a van, just before the video of the lorry using the footpath [was taken].

“The bypass was approved and assessed as necessary by the government, the community council, Gwynedd Council and the national parks.

“Why then is Cardiff stopping it for review?

“We will lose the EU funding if we sit any longer, and all impact assessments are done and the project ready to go. Land has been purchased.

“Alternative solutions won’t help. Some suggest yellow lines down the main road so residents have to park outside the village but many of us would then have to walk for hundreds of yards with our shopping down two lanes of traffic with no pavements.

“These alternatives have been rejected by the village yet conversations seem to be happening about that again, when we the people of Llanbedr rejected those proposals as it would cut the village in half.”

He added: “Many of us have electric cars and want the environment in our village to be clean and green, but this bypass being put on hold means we may all as well just buy diesels, we get the diesel fumes anyway! The bypass will reduce emissions in the village.

“I have asked what the process is to object, yet no-one can tell us how to get our voices heard.”

A Welsh Government spokesperson said: “All road programmes and projects that we fund, except those under construction, are potentially in scope under the roads review.

“The schemes affected will be confirmed by the review panel in due course.”