Cllr Ywain Myfyr has been re-elected as mayor of Dolgellau.

Cllr Bob Gunton is deputy mayor.

The appointments were made at Dolgellau Town Council’s annual meeting.

Myfyr has chaired Dolgellau Town Council meetings for a year now following years of service as a councillor and deputy Mayor.

Cllr Myfyr said: “Born and raised in Dolgellau, it was my privilege to take up the mantle of town mayor last year and

I am grateful to my fellow councillors for re-electing me for a second year at the helm.

“I’m also very thankful to Bob Gunton. He doesn’t rest on his laurels – in fact, I count Bob as one of Dolgellau’s unsung heroes. He leads on projects such as the town’s Christmas lights and decorations and carries out thankless work, completely voluntarily, that really makes a difference. I plan to pass the baton on to Bob in 2025.”

Cllr Gunton said: “I am amazed at Myfyr’s tireless enthusiasm and energy and how he gives his time for the benefit of our town and people. I look forward to another year of working together.”

Dolgellau Town Council meets again at 7pm on Tuesday, 3 September in the Free Library.

A public session is held for 10 minutes at the beginning of each meeting, where members of the public are welcome to question the council on local matters.